LONDON — A report by Green Cleaning Supplies London, a British recycling company, has found that green cleaning products are a good choice for Londoners who want to clean their homes.

Green Cleaning supplies London said it had conducted a study to find out how many people in London had used green cleaning solutions, which are made of organic chemicals that can help with indoor air quality.

The company, which sells cleaning supplies and other household items, said it found that Londoners were more likely to use green cleaning if they had been cleaning their homes in previous years, such as last winter.

It also found that the green cleaning product was also more popular in London if it was bought by a family member.

Green cleaning products were sold by the company in the borough of Hackney, which is home to the iconic London Bridge Bridge and is famous for its outdoor dining area.

Green cleaners were the most popular choice among Londoners aged 20-34 in the capital, with more than 8 million Londoners using green cleaning items, Green Cleanings London said in a statement.

The study, which was published Tuesday, was conducted using data from the city’s National Household Survey.

It is part of a broader study by the firm, which has conducted similar studies in other major European cities.

Green cleaner’s success in LondonThe company said it has seen a steady rise in green cleaning market since it began selling green cleaning and other home cleaning products in the UK in 2014.

The market for green cleaning has also grown with the introduction of the “Green Card” to the UK and with the UK’s green card system.

Green cleaners sell cleaning products at reduced prices, typically at half the cost of conventional cleaning supplies.

The company said the Green Card reduced the cost to £0.65, compared with the cost for conventional cleaning products.

Green products have been sold at an average price of £4.99 ($6.16) per item, according to Green Cleaners London.

The survey was conducted in April.

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