Airports are now required to keep cleaning supplies at least 75% cleaner, with the Air Transport Association of Australia (ATA) saying the move will allow airports to reduce waste, and cut carbon emissions.

“Cleaner air means cleaner people and cleaner skies,” a spokesperson for the association said.

“Airports should always be the first place in Australia to be a source of clean energy, and this is a way to do that.”

As air travellers, we need to be reminded that clean air means clean people, clean skies and cleaner lives.

“A cleaner, healthier air is our responsibility to take care of, and it is a good thing to do.”

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the move was “necessary to protect our air and water resources, to keep the public safe, and to reduce CO2 emissions”.

“We’re making this change because it’s in the best interests of the environment and our economy.”

Clean Air Australia said the clean air plan would also save airlines millions of dollars, while reducing the amount of carbon emissions they produce.

“A cleaner air plan will provide significant benefits for airlines, as they will have a cleaner, more efficient fleet, and a cleaner and more resilient aircraft,” the organisation said.

The Australian Clean Air Council said air quality in Sydney had improved since the Clean Air Plan was implemented.

“The most recent NSW Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) shows that Sydney’s air quality is improving at an impressive rate,” it said.

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