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‘It’s hard to believe’ the cleaning supplies used by the Aurora shooting victims were clean

In the aftermath of a mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, on Wednesday, the victims’ cleanings and laundry were cleaned by the people who care for them.

The Aurora Police Department has acknowledged that a cleaning supply kit that came to the rescue in the aftermath was purchased from the same store in the Aurora community where a suspect was killed by police.

The department also said that its own officers helped clean the victims.

In a statement, the department said that officers and community members donated clean, dry towels and soap for the victims to use at the home of their friends.

The kit was provided by the community as part of an initiative that was launched in 2014.

“The kits are not part of any training that the Aurora Police are conducting, and they were donated to the Aurora Community First Aid Unit,” the department wrote in a statement.

“They were donated from a local business in Aurora’s Aurora neighborhood and were used in response to a shooting that took place in that area in April.”

In a follow-up statement, a spokesperson for the Aurora police department said the kits were donated in April, not July, but did not specify how many kits were used.

“We have no additional information regarding the kits that were donated,” the spokesperson wrote.

“Additionally, the Aurora City Manager has been working closely with the Aurora Regional Crime Control Team and Aurora Police to determine exactly how many officers, volunteers and police officers from the city assisted in the clean-up effort.”

Police have confirmed that one of the victims was at the house when the incident occurred and is a suspect in the case.

Police are also investigating if the victim’s friend was at home when the attack took place.

The kits were part of the initiative launched in April 2014 to address the demand for clean, clean, fresh supplies to help victims recover.

In July of that year, the city began a program to distribute clean, dried towels and other cleaning supplies.

The City of Aurora has said that it did not initially plan to distribute the kits to the community in a mass way.

“No one was in the neighborhood,” the mayor told the CBC in 2015.

“There was no immediate danger at the time, and the items were distributed in an event that was designed to ensure the community had access to these items in case of a need.”

The city of Aurora said that the first kit was given to a family member, who was able to use the clean towels for a short time before being put to use.

The second kit was handed out to a woman who had recently moved to the area and was using the supplies to clean her home.

The third kit was distributed to a mother who had just moved into the community.

The fourth kit was donated by a woman whose daughter was in a hospital and who needed the supplies.

“One of the biggest concerns for me as the mayor was the lack of response from the Aurora Mayor’s Office,” Mayor Brian Bowman told the Calgary Herald in 2015 when asked about the kits.

“I thought they should have done more.

We were very concerned.

They should have given us some information.

We needed to know that.”

The kits are used by police and fire departments to help the victims recover from trauma, but some of the kits are also donated to community groups and individuals.

“Aurora has been an amazing place to live,” said Robyn Johnson, a member of the Aurora Rescue Team, in a video posted on social media.

“But there is no place in this community like home and a home that has been shattered by a violent crime.”

The Aurora Rescue team is a non-profit organisation that works to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence recover from their trauma.

The group is also a volunteer-run organization, and volunteers are paid $5 per hour to work the phones and help the family.

“If they are really struggling, they need help,” Johnson said.

“And if it’s not for them, then it’s for somebody else.”

The shooting victims’ home is on the third floor of the family’s apartment complex.

It is not clear if the victims had a police escort or if their friends had one.

A photo of a large pile of towels was posted on the Aurora rescue team’s Facebook page.

“These towels were given to us by a family in need,” the post read.

“It was an amazing thing to see that they were in a situation that they could rely on.

We will be distributing towels from our house to those that need them.” “

In light of this tragedy, we have been asked to take on the responsibility of distributing towels to the people that are in need.

We will be distributing towels from our house to those that need them.”

Police are investigating the kits as a possible link to the killings of a young man and a woman in a rural Colorado town on Wednesday.

A Facebook post on Wednesday described the investigation as “tough,” and it said that

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