What you need to know about the new ‘green’ cleaner from Procter & Gamble

Buy cleaning supplies and other household products at Procters Gamble Co. and other big-name retailers, and you’ll pay less.

The big-box retailer said Tuesday that it’s offering a new product from its Proctercare brand that helps to cleanse skin and cleanse pores, and is priced at $5 a month, about half the cost of a standard cleaning service.

The product, called Cleanse Your Face, comes with a prescription and will be available through Jan. 15.

Its a new option from Proctor & Gamble that’s expected to make a big impact, especially among people who aren’t using their devices and are worried about their health, said Scott Besser, senior vice president of marketing at Proctor.

The Cleanse your face service costs about $20 a month for a 30-day supply, according to the company. “

The idea is to help people do things that they may not have done before or maybe they haven’t thought about before.”

The Cleanse your face service costs about $20 a month for a 30-day supply, according to the company.

The price will go up to $25 per month if the supply runs out.

Procter&Gardens is adding new products like the Cleanse skin service to its existing collection of cleaners and conditioners.

Some customers have also asked for the Cleaneskine and Cleanse Toner to be available at lower prices, but Proctero said those products have already been priced lower than the new service.

Proctor &Mart owners are encouraged to call ahead and find out about any special offers, according.

Proctrols sales have doubled in the past year.

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