The number of cleaning products available on the market in India is increasing rapidly.

However, we still have some big challenges to solve, especially the issue of cost.

We all know how expensive cleaning supplies are in the West, but India is a different story.

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Cleaning Technology (ICT) and Clean-Tech Research Institute (CTRI) shows that the average cost of cleaning supplies is more than US$3,000.

In fact, the cost of buying a cleaning product in India ranges from $300 to $2,000, and the price of cleaning services in India has increased in the last few years.

The cost of a daily cleaning supplies, which is used to clean a house, can easily reach $5,000 in India.

This is why, India needs to take a holistic approach in its efforts to reduce its waste.

Clean-Tech India, an initiative to create a clean environment, is a national initiative which aims to improve the environment in India by investing in clean technologies and reducing waste.

It is also trying to create an ecosystem of clean professionals who will work on clean issues for years to come.

It’s the challenge of India to become a clean technology leader and become the clean tech capital of the world.

India is facing a major challenge with the introduction of microgrids in cities.

A number of states in India have already started pilot projects to set up microgrid and microdistribution centres.

These are not cheap, but they are the first step towards a cleaner future for the country.

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