I love to take the time to make a cleaning supplies package.

I’m a home and gardening expert, so I’m always looking for new ideas and new ways to get the job done.

If I can make a cleaners package, I can save myself tons of time and effort.

A lot of people have a cleaning supply list.

Here are some of my favorite ideas to make your cleaning supplies list.1.

Home cleaning supplies Here’s a list of my top recommendations for home cleaning supplies. 

It’s all about what you need.

You might want to consider: 1.

An old toothbrush for the top toothbrush2.

A sponge cleaning kit3.

An ice-cream maker4.

A vacuum cleaner5.

A bucket cleaner6.

A toilet seat cleaning brush7.

A toothbrush cleaning kit8.

A paper towel dispenser9.

A cloth and paper towel brush10.

A dishwashing detergent and dishwasher11.

A hair dryer12.

A nail clippers14.

A paint brush15.

A mop, brush, or nail clipper Here is a list I have made myself of my favorites.

The more you know, the more ideas you can come up with.

It’s best to keep these ideas for the most part for one month or two months.

After that, it becomes easy to make any of these.

I like to create a new one, and then move on to another.

My list of recommendations is as follows: 1.

Make one of the following: A new toothbrush, a sponge, or a toothbrush kit2.

Get a new toilet seat3.

Get your own toothbrush4.

Get an old tooth brush5.

Get new toilet seats6.

Get one of these cleaning supplies for your bathroom wall7.

Make a new toothpaste or toothbrush8.

Get soap and shampoo9.

Get some baby wipes10.

Get the perfect cleaning supplies11.

Make your own dishwashing brush12.

Make soap, shampoo, and water14.

Make cleaning supplies from your own home15.

Make an old toilet seat16.

Make the perfect home cleaning supply17.

Make or get a new shower curtain18.

Make fresh baby wipes19.

Make homemade baking supplies20.

Make yourself a cleaning kit from your kitchen21.

Make some DIY laundry detergent22.

Make new cleaning supplies23.

Make candles24.

Make mop brushes25.

Make DIY candles26.

Make more cleaning supplies27.

Make nail clippings28.

Make extra cleaning supplies29.

Make baking supplies30.

Make toothpaste31.

Make cooking supplies32.

Make baby wipes33.

Make laundry detergents34.

Make toilet seat covers35.

Make bath and shower supplies36.

Make dishwasher appliances37.

Make shower curtains38.

Make candle holders39.

Make carpet cleaner40.

Make paper towels41.

Make ladders42.

Make hair dryers43.

Make washing machines44.

Make toys45.

Make furniture46.

Make bed sheets47.

Make clothes48.

Make kitchen appliances49.

Make jewelry50.

Make craft supplies51.

Make decorations52.

Make household appliances53.

Make home decor items54.

Make gifts for friends and family55.

Make food52.

Get more cleaning items56.

Make you a cleaner57.

Make someone else a cleaner58.

Make them a cleaner59.

Make their hair clean5061.

Make each of your loved ones a cleaner62.

Make something they loved to do a cleaner63.

Make people you know cleaner and more clean than you areWhen you’re ready to make this cleaning supplies plan, you can see a detailed plan of how you can do it.

If you don’t have a budget for it, you might want some suggestions to start with. 

This is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Laundry, by Dr. Robert M. Barch.

It is a great book for beginners, but if you have any questions or you just want to get a taste of how much more you can make from scratch, you should check it out.

You can also check out the My Home and Garden eBook or the Making Your Own Home and Gardening Plan on Amazon.

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