By: Ryan Lippert-RoeckerEditor: Chris McAlisterA bag of dirt, a trashcan and a plastic bag were all it took to clean up a trash can in the back yard of a suburban Philadelphia couple.

In April, the couple’s 2-year-old son was playing with the trashcan in the backyard.

He put the plastic bag in the dirt, then dropped it on the ground, according to court documents.

The bag was discovered three days later when he got home from school.

The next day, police found the trash can had been used for storage, according the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The trashcan is not a recycling bin.

Instead, it is a composting system.

The trashcan’s waste is placed in a bucket, which is placed inside the garbage bag and emptied.

When it’s full, the garbage can is put in the trash bin.

A neighbor who witnessed the incident was called to report it to police, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

The Philadelphia Fire Department, Philadelphia Police Department and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection all assisted with the cleanup.

The couple told the Inquirers they cleaned the trash for free because they were not using it for anything.

They also said they were planning to use it for other purposes in the future.

According to the Philadelphia Magazine, trash cans are a common recycling system in America, and are often used for the same reason.

They are often built to hold large amounts of trash, such as paper, envelopes and plastic bags.

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