Moonah was among several families who had to travel to New York to receive her shower cleaning supplies from the Salvation Army.

Moonah, a Muslim woman who lives in Florida, says she has a history of dealing with Muslim extremists who harass her.

She says she feels like she has been targeted in this way.

Moonahs family, including her parents, have been on a hunger strike for four days.

They say they are fighting to save her and her family from what they consider to be Islamophobic Islamophobic hate crimes.

Moona said the Salvation Front is a “hate group” that is “playing into the hands of the Muslim community to spread its own hateful, anti-Muslim message.”

The Salvation Front, which was founded by Dr. Steven Hassan, is an Islamic charitable organization that distributes Islamic goods and services, including prayer mats and scarves, and provides social service and educational programs to the community.

“We’re really just looking for ways to bring peace to our community,” Moonah said.

The Salvation Army is an international charity that serves the needy, according to its website.

Its mission is to “provide an opportunity for those who are in need of God’s love and mercy to achieve the highest possible standard of living, to develop their faith, and to find their calling to serve and serve others.”

The organization was founded in 1984.

Moonamah, who has lived in New York City for about three years, has been trying to get the Salvation Fund to donate the supplies for her family to distribute to other Muslim families.

The families had hoped to use them to make donations to the Red Cross or the Salvation Navy.

“They told me I would be helping the Salvation Force out, which I don’t know if that’s true,” Moona told The Associated Press.

“But I was really hoping to help them out and get their supplies and get them to other Muslims and Muslim families in need.”

The AP also obtained a letter from a Salvation Army representative that said the organization had no record of receiving any funds from the Islamic Relief Foundation, which the Salvation Federation runs.

“All of the funds are being used to support our missions,” the Salvation Corp. said in a statement to The AP.

“No money is being used for any charitable purpose, and no taxpayer funds are used for such activities.”

The Associated State Labor Relations Board, which regulates the Salvation Corporation, said the company was required to pay its taxes.

The Associated Labor Relations Commission is a state agency that investigates claims of discrimination in employment, including discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities.

The agency said in an email to The Associated Statesman that it does not have any records of complaints about the Salvation Corps.

The board of trustees for the Salvation Coalition has said it does have complaints, but the board has not made a decision on whether to file any disciplinary actions.

“As a result, we have not received any formal complaint from anyone regarding the Salvation Alliance’s conduct,” the board said.

In response to a request for comment, the Salvation Armament Corp. and the Salvation Foundation did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Moonas mother said she has had to call the Salvation Food Bank to receive more than $200.

Moonawah, whose last name is Mohamed, said she is also trying to secure a new shower cleaning supply.

The family is trying to buy a new one.

The money for her new shower is coming from a donation from her father, who is Muslim.

Moonaa said she feels that the Salvation Church has played a role in the persecution of her family.

“If you look at their actions against us, they were not the ones that were targeting us, but they were the ones targeting my parents,” she said.

God is for us, and he will protect us from this type of hate. “

That is the reason why we’re not afraid of God anymore.

It is not going to be something that we are going to forget.” “

It is not something that is going to stop us from going to the mosque.

It is not going to be something that we are going to forget.”

AP reporter Mary Jo Paltrow contributed to this report.

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