An old fishing boat, a wooden chair, a fishing line, a box of matches, a few cans of paint, and a fishing pole are among the things left behind after a man and woman were swept ashore on a southbound motorboat in south-central Massachusetts on Thursday.

The man was rescued and was being treated at the Massachusetts General Hospital, according to the city of Malvern.

His name was John and his wife, Carole, was found by a woman walking along the water on the shoreline of the city, according the Massachusetts State Police.

She was treated and released.

Authorities had to call in a helicopter to get a look at the boat, which was spotted drifting north from a fishing boat that had drifted off course, police said.

John told the police he’d been walking along a small canal about 40 yards off the shore when he spotted the boat and called out to the woman.

The woman called for help and John and Carole got out of the boat.

The boat drifted off the side of the road and hit the water, the police said, and the man, who was not identified, was rescued.

He told police he was going to take the woman back to his boat but then called his wife and said, “Get back.”

John told police the couple had not left any clothes, food or anything else with them.

He did not say how long he’d walked along the canal before coming ashore.

Authorities did not provide any details about how long the boat had been drifting.

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