Here’s how to clean a hospital room.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.1.

Get the right equipment:When it comes to cleaning the hospital room, it’s essential that you have the right tools and supplies, according to Dr. Mark D’Angelo, a trauma nurse practitioner and an expert in patient care.

D’ Angelo is a clinical associate professor of trauma and emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico.

He also specializes in treating patients with severe burns and trauma.

Dangino, who has been practicing for almost 20 years, advises against using any type of mechanical cleaning tools, which include vacuum cleaners, hand sanitizers, bleach, and even air-dryers.

He says the best way to clean is with a vacuum cleaner.

Dangsos, who says he cleans his own and his patients’ rooms, says: “There are some people who are going to have to resort to a vacuum because they don’t have the proper equipment, and they don,t know what they are doing.”2.

Take care of your body:D’Angelo says there are several ways to safely clean the hospital environment.

First, Danginos recommends washing and drying the patient’s hands and clothes before cleaning the room.

DANGINO: If you are using a vacuum, you need a clean cloth.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you should wash your hands and then dry them.

If your room is really dirty, then you should put a piece of cloth under it to dry it.

Then, just let it air dry, and then wash your clothes and then clean them.

You don’t need to do any cleaning, he says.3.

Follow up on any problems:When you’re done, D’Angos says, it is important to take care of the patient with any problems that may have arisen.

DAP: Make sure that you keep the room clean.

Make sure you don, t get rid of anything.

It could be a toothbrush or toothpaste, or maybe a piece from a toothpick.

You can clean it out.

You might not want to remove it.

So, clean the room, then take it out and then take care if you have any problems.

DANDENBERG: You can make sure that everything is sanitized.

So if you can’t clean your room, you can clean the rest of the hospital, DANGIO: If there is any kind of infection that you can see, then immediately take it back to the hospital.

If there are any bleeding, then if you know what kind of bleeding you are seeing, take that out.

If it is redness, take it away.

And, if there is anything that you need done, you have to go to the room and get it done.

You want to make sure everything is clean.4.

Be sure to leave everything that has been used to get it cleaned and sanitized to the side and away from the patient, DAP.: So if there’s a stain on the pillow or bed, take the pillow and wipe it off with a paper towel.

If they have any cuts, use scissors to get those off.

It’s good to leave the bed and the bedding alone.

If something is bleeding, use a paper clip and clean it up.

It might not hurt to wipe it clean.

And you want to leave some room to get away.

DANTON: So if it’s a toothpaste spill, then just take the bottle and clean up.

You won’t have to clean it, but it is good to clean the toothpaste off and clean the bottle, DANDENSENBERGER: It’s a good idea to put the toothbrush on top of a cloth and clean that, too.

It will be a little bit easier.

It doesn’t take much of a pressure to clean that toothbrush.DANGINO says if a tooth is bleeding or has a tooth chip, use that as a guide to use the toothpick or toothbrush to get that out of the room or the bed.

And if you are trying to clean up a stain, DANSON: If the patient is not bleeding, don’t leave anything in the room for the first few days.

That is where the toothbrushes are going, so you want them to stay out of sight and you don?t want to contaminate anything.

DANTSENBERGE: And so, it doesn?t have to be too severe, DANNON: Don?t use a tooth brush for a few days, just leave a piece, but if there are some blood clots, then use a pair of scissors and get them off.

They can then be washed off.

Then just leave the room without touching anything.

Then you can use a brush and rinse off.

If that is not working, then call a hospital nurse.

They will try to clean this up and take it to the

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