What to do if your pet’s dirty laundry isn’t being cleaned

Cleaning supplies delivered from the U.S. are essential for pet owners who need to get their animals into clean rooms for a few days at a time.

But that can be a challenge for pets in places like the Dominican Republic, where the average lifespan of a pet is only five years, the Associated Press reports.

A recent study found that some pet owners are choosing to buy their pet’s laundry to be taken to the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo for cleaning and drying.

That’s the country’s capital city and has a population of about 8.3 million.

The Dominican Republic has a thriving pet trade, with more than 6,000 pet stores, and there are also pet adoption agencies, veterinarians and breeders in the country.

The AP reported that pet owners in the Dominican have to be responsible for getting their pets in and out of the laundry rooms.

In addition, many pet owners prefer to keep their pets indoors because the humidity is high, which can make their fur dry.

For those who choose to bring their pet in to clean, however, there’s no guarantee that the clothes they use will be able to get through.

A pet shampoo that contains chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, can cause irritation for dogs and cats, but it won’t be as harsh on cats.

A laundry detergent that contains benzoyl peroxide and other fragrances can be harmful for pets.

The cleaning supplies also have to meet the highest standards for quality.

While cleaning supplies are essential, they can’t replace regular pet care.

Pet owners who are worried about their pet cleaning time should check with their veterinarian before deciding whether to bring in their pet.

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