What do you do if a toilet water leak ends up on your floor?

If you’ve ever noticed that a toilet soap or detergent that you’ve recently used doesn’t flow out properly, you may be in for a surprise.

Here are the basics of how to fix a toilet-cleaning problem.1.

Remove the toilet soap and detergent.

To do this, pull the toilet cover off and remove the soap and the detergent from the toilet.

You may also have to remove the lid of the toilet and wipe down the floor with toilet paper to remove any residue from the soap.

If the toilet is still leaking, the problem may be the result of the soap or the detergents leaking, not the toilet itself.2.

Replace the toilet paper.

If the soap does not flow out, wipe down and re-lube the toilet with fresh toilet paper, just like you would a new towel.

If your toilet still doesn’t work, your next step is to try the toilet-washer and water-based cleaner, which can remove a number of the chemicals found in the toilet’s water and detergants.

If you can’t get the cleaner to work, you can try a mild bleach solution, which is often available in drugstores or pharmacies.3.

Clean the floor.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll want to try a simple floor scrub, which wipes away any bacteria and debris.

This should be a regular cleaning procedure and should include wiping the floors, vacuuming, and cleaning the entire bathroom area.

If your toilet is a full-size bathroom, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the toilet so that you can easily remove any dirt and debris that might be left behind.4.

Try cleaning the toilet by hand.

Some of the products we recommend will remove a lot of dirt and other debris from the floor, but if your toilet does not function properly, it’s a good idea to try cleaning the area by hand, rather than with the vacuum.5.

If it doesn’t go away, see a doctor.

If a toilet is leaking, you should get a cleaning kit from your local health department, which contains various cleaning products that can help.

You can get your toilet cleaned at home or by a doctor, or both.

For more information on toilet-cleaner cleaning and how to get a full cleaning kit, check out our infographic.

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