More than half of all Australians will spend at least one hour a day cleaning their clothes, but most will miss the mark.

In the last five years, more than 50 per cent of Australian households have missed out on the time needed to get the most from their clothing, according to new research.

The report, published on Monday, found that Australians spend $6.4bn each year on clothing, which covers everything from socks to underwear, but only about a third of that time is spent in the clean-up phase.

“Our research shows that we spend less time cleaning ourselves and more time caring for our clothes,” said lead researcher Dr Anne Maitland, of the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

“What’s more, we often miss out on cleaning ourselves.”

The study looked at household expenditure, as well as the hours spent cleaning and the days missed, and found that, in the last 10 years, the average Australian spent about five hours a day on clothes.

“I was surprised to find that people are missing out on their clothes,” Ms Maitlander said.

“The majority of people I spoke to said they are spending less time on their clothing than what they normally would be.”

In the UK, most people wash their clothes in the sink, with most washing in a washing machine.

In Australia, washing clothes in a sink is considered an alternative method of cleaning, as is washing in the tub.

The study found that people who wash their own clothes are more likely to be satisfied with the way they look.

“People are happy with their clothing in the end,” Ms Fagan said.

But the most common complaint was that cleaning was too expensive.

The authors also found that there was no clear preference for the type of clothes people liked best.

“There’s no clear answer to this,” Dr Maitlands said.

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