The Cleveland Browns are known for their incredible footwear collection.

But now, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has some shoes he’s using to clean the team’s locker rooms.

Cleveland Browns owner and president Jimmy Hasler is using his own sneakers to clean his locker rooms in Cleveland, Ohio.

“We’re going to have the shoes, we’re going do a full cleaning, we’ll clean the shoe boxes and we’ll then clean the floor,” Hasler told WKYC-TV on Tuesday.

“We’re gonna go in there and do it.

So we’re gonna have them cleaned and we’re really excited about it.

I can’t wait to go into the locker room and start working on my team.”

The Browns are currently the league’s top-selling shoe brand, according to research company Brand Finance.

They have sold more than 40 million pairs of shoes since being launched in 2002.

Haslam is not the only owner of luxury brands that are cleaning the locker rooms, as some teams in the NFL are also taking steps to save energy.

The Detroit Lions are using the energy-saving technology they have at their stadium.

The team is also taking the opportunity to clean their locker rooms using the same system the NFL used to use before the 2015 season.

The Lions have already been cleaning the stadium’s bathrooms.

“It’s a lot of energy-efficient,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been as efficient in the locker area as we are now.”

The NFL is looking to save on energy costs by cutting back on its use of fans to clean teams’ locker rooms and showers.

The league plans to eliminate the fans from its locker room operations by 2019.

The league plans on spending $15 million on energy-efficiency measures in the coming years.

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