The Clean Home Program is one of the largest government programs in the US aimed at keeping homes in good condition.

But in the last decade, the program has become an international cause célèbre for activists who argue that it is a waste of taxpayer money.

The Clean Homes program was designed to make homes cleaner.

It aims to reduce the amount of pollution and improve the health of residents by giving them cleaner air and water.

Its purpose was to improve the quality of life for families and communities by improving the air quality, which is the main cause of respiratory diseases, including asthma.

In many parts of the US, including the Midwest, the programs are run by the Environmental Protection Agency.

But the program is also a major source of income for the federal government.

The Environmental Protection Department has said that more than $2 billion has been made from Clean Homes grants, including $1.5 billion to Michigan and $800 million to Florida.

The EPA is not required to disclose the money it receives from Clean Home grants. 

But activists who have spent years working to make the Clean Home program a reality say the EPA has ignored their requests for information. 

In an effort to fight the program, an online petition launched in 2012 by the environmental group Friends of the Earth to the Environmental Quality Oversight Board (EQO) called for the EPA to release information on the amount and type of Clean Homes funding.

The group claimed the EPA was ignoring their request for information and asked the agency to provide the full information about the program to the public.

In response, the EPA did not respond to repeated requests for comment for this story.

But a spokesman for the agency said the EPA receives millions of dollars each year from Clean House grants.

“As a result of our ongoing efforts to implement Clean Homes, there are approximately 30,000 Clean Homes in operation in all 50 states,” said Jason Lutken, the spokesman for EPA’s Clean Homes Program.

“This is the largest public health program that has been designed to address the needs of residents of low-income communities, including those who have been living in poverty.” 

Lutken said the agency does not have any records to provide about the number of Clean Home programs in operation, but the agency is currently considering releasing some of those information.

 But the EPA and the Environmental Defense Fund, which has spearheaded the petition, say the information they have about the Clean Homes money could help them combat climate change and pollution.

“EPA should release this information to the American public and other stakeholders in order to support and implement Clean Home actions to reduce pollution and save lives,” the Environmental Defence Fund said in a statement.

“If they do, it will show that EPA has the resources to implement these commonsense and effective policies to address climate change, pollution and poverty.

The American people deserve the right to know the extent of Clean House’s funding.” 

But Clean Homes critics say the agency should also release more information about its grants, which are distributed by the EPA through a state-run program called the Clean Energy Fund. 

“The EPA is trying to hide behind the Clean House program to justify a program that actually is a massive waste of money,” said Dan Graziano, the senior vice president of Public Citizen’s Energy Program. 

Graziano says that over the past 20 years, the Clean Environment Program has funded more than 400 Clean Home projects, which he calls a “massive” waste of public money.

“We need the EPA’s complete and detailed records of how much money is being spent on Clean Home,” Grazio said.

“It should show where the money goes, what programs are receiving it, how many people are receiving grants and why.

If they don’t, we can’t know whether this money is going to help families or not.”

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