I bought a cleaning supplies bucket and it is absolutely useless

A cleaning supplies kit used by millions of people has a problem: It is unusable.

The internet was a bit shaken when news broke of a woman using a cleaning bucket to vacuum cleaner a bedroom at a home in Australia, but it is actually a little bit worse.

The cleaning supplies manufacturer Bona has responded by saying that a customer was using the bucket to clean a room and the product is “out of stock” and that the company is “working with the customer to ensure that the product can be returned”.

In other words, it can’t be used again.

Bona, however, says the customer was able to use the product at home.

Bonas response is also interesting, since Bona says it “has not received any complaints from customers regarding the product being out of stock”.

That’s a bit odd.

The company also says the bucket is “unavailable for immediate delivery”.

What are the chances that Bona was not aware of the problem?

The company says that the customer contacted them to inform them of the product’s availability, and that they did “an extensive review” of the customer’s usage of the bucket and “found no issues”.

What does Bona say the customer did wrong?

The customer is a “customer who lives in Australia”.

Bona said the customer has been able to “return the cleaning supplies to the customer”.

What should a customer do if they want to return the cleaning supply?

In order to return a cleaning supply, the customer must contact Bona.

The customer must complete a Return Request form, and Bona will return the product “at no cost to the consumer”.

It is also possible for a customer to request a refund through Bona’s website.

If the customer does not receive a Return request within 48 hours of receiving the product, they can apply for a refund online.

How do I return a Bona cleaning supply online?

To return the Bona product online, a customer can simply click the “Return to Bona” button.

They can also email the refund request to [email protected]

Bonamass is an Australian company, so it’s unlikely they have a problem with Bona supplying its cleaning supplies.

However, the company could still have issues with how it deals with customers returning faulty products.

This is a risk that Bonamashupply is not willing to take.

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